Monday, May 26, 2014

Room 7's Kindness Assembly

Friday the 23rd was Room 7's Virtue assembly. The virtue that our assembly was based on was KINDNESS.

The message that our assembly was telling people, was that { Kindness is  such a strong virtue as well as Love, it is basically the root of all the other virtues out there. }
Our assembly was calm and exciting, we got to share with the rest of the school as seniors, what KINDNESS is, and why it is so important to practise.  I am pretty sure that we have given to them enough reasons why KINDNESS should be practised in and out of school grounds.

We had shared with the school our poems and songs that we had created about what Kindness is.  We did poems, acrostic poems , songs and also little drama's / skits. 
I was pleased with what my group had presented.  

After our assembly we had received a lot of compliments on how everything went. I was surprised seeing that we only had a one day practise, I guess its just that we had to have FAITH and just HOPE that everything would go right. It was a lovely assembly and other people thought that as well. :)

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  1. Hey Zheiyna,
    I agree with you what kindness was about..
    Well done Zheiyna keep it up :)


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