Friday, February 21, 2014

My Response - A Reading from the Gospel according to Luke

A Reading from the Gospel according to Luke
Chapter 6 Verse 27 - 37
" Love your enemies, & be Kind to those who Hate you. "

I can reflect to that phrase,
because in life I have come across people who have HATED me
and have decide to become my ENEMIES.

But its natural for people to hate another human being,
but hey life shouldn't be full of Hatred. It should be full of loving and happy people,  
that is why I choose to ignore those who hate me and just Love them from the inside.


My Special Person

*** Opening Statement ***
To me a Special Person, is someone who I can look up to.  Someone that I can express my feeling with, and talk to and know that someone cares.  A special person is someone who will stick by my side and cheer me up when I'm feeling down,  and is also supportive of me.  That is why Dawn is my Special person

( Body )
Dawn and I have been best friends for four years. She has stuck by my side since day one, when I first started school. During the years we have had our ups and downs, but we’ve always managed to get through to each other. Dawn has always been very supportive of me in everything I do.  When I give up on myself, she is always there to motivate me, and help me do better. Dawn may say things that can hurt me physically and mentally, but I love that she’s an honest person,  I love that I can trust her with anything, and know that she won’t go around spreading things I told her in confidence.  

( Conclusion )

Dawn has always been there for me, we help each other, and we treat each other that way we would like to be treated.  We both appreciate each other for who we are, and I am very lucky to have someone like Dawn in my life.  If it wasn’t for Dawn I wouldn’t have become more confident in myself. Dawn is like my older sister I've never had, I love her for the unique person she is.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome to 2014

My Holiday

During my holidays, there were times that were : Happy, Exciting, Boring and Scary.
In the holidays, the happiest time for me would be the day I went to the beach with my family and friends. As the day past, we had more and more fun. We made cannon balls out of wet sand and through it against each others backs. As painful as it sounds, it didn’t hurt at all. We went for our last swim and then headed home, because it was getting late. We all walked home in exhaustion.
The Boring part of my holidays was having to stay home and clean the house.  Sometimes it was fun because, I do it with my sister sometimes and we usually play while we clean.  But then its actually worth cleaning, because no one likes living in a house that looks like a pig sty.
The next day was my cousins birthday, he was turning 5.  His birthday was awesome, especially the theme. The theme to his birthday party was
{ Call of Duty }, there was camoflage clothes left, right and centre. There was lollie scrambles and all the kids were playing their own games. Like tiggy, dodgeball and rugby and touch.

My holidays were incredible, it wasn’t fancy but it was something.  I went to different places and enjoyed myself.  But I also couldn’t wait to come back to school and see all my friends.