Friday, October 31, 2014

My Home

Home is a place where there is love, loyalty and respect,  It’s a place that can never be replaced, It’s a place like no other....

In my home my family and I treat each other with respect, we give loyalty to one another and we love each other and treat each other with equality.  We may have our ups and downs and we may fall out of place, but with my family .... family means  everything........ family is first priority.  When it comes to family we stick by each other’s side, we never turn against each other ..... we’re the backbone to each and every one of us.  We help each other stand on our own two feet and we fight FOR each other and not AGAINST.  My family isn’t perfect but I can say that I am lucky to have them in my life, I am lucky to have people who love me so dearly and provide for me everything I need & want.  

With my lifestyle at home, you could say that it’s a bit different compared to the lifestyle of a wealthy white family.  You could say that in my home we like to laugh with each other and not at, we like to communicate with one another in a polite manner.  In my home we are learnt to love and respect each other and there differences, we learn our manners although they are general knowledge.

At home my family and I mostly laugh with each other,  we’d go out to places as a family and not individually.  We sharpen each other up when we’re feeling a bit blunt, we are the supported back bone on each and every one of our backs.  

At home I feel safe, home is a place where all my childhood memories are held.  It’s where I know that I can be me, it’s a place where I know that I won’t be judged and i’d be accepted for who I am.  Home is LOVE.

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