Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Today I had the chance to learn about Softball and how it’s played. I was basically just learning about the basic and important skills needed to play softball.

Before we got into learning about the skills needed in softball, we started up a little game to get us all warmed up. The game we had played was called Triangle Tag, none of us in room 7 were familiar with that game.  So it was basically something new we had learnt.

Triangle game is pretty fun, and also pretty easy to play.  You basically only need groups of 5 but depending on the amount of people there is. Then you decide who is going to be the tagger and who is going to be chased.  The tagger stands outside the circle but opposite the person whom they're going to tag, the rest of them have to all join hands and shuffle side to side so that the tagger doesn’t tag that person. Then you just keep going and just take turns being tagger. And thats just a friendly game of Triangle tag, although I am meant to be telling you all about the skills I had learnt. :)

so the first thing I can remember learning about, is some kind of crocodile snap catch. You catch the ball with two hands with your palms touching each other. I found that sort of easy seeing that I usually catch the ball like that playing several other games/sports.

The second thing I can remember is the under arm. There is a underarm and over arm throw.  The instructor had taught us how to position ourselves before throwing an underarm. The best way to put what underarm is, is to just say its a throw that is thrown below your waist but aimed at the other persons chest.

Then comes along the overarm throw,  I can admit that I did get it muddled up with a shot put throw. But then I managed to do it, it’s all about putting your full attention and mind to it.  
I had then learnt how to catch the ball with your hands out like a butterfly, I found that also easy.  You are to place your butterfly hands in front of your chest. The target will practically be your target 24/7 it’s where they’ll aim most of the time.  So you’ll just need to be ready and look out for the ball.

The skills that I had learnt today will most definitely help me in the future for when I do end up playing Softball for any reason at all.  I am looking forward to be learning more about softball next week seeing that it is our kiwi sport for the term.

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