Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Milk Powerpoint

This is My Milk presentation,  that I have presented to my Learning Hub.
I felt really good about the work that I have presented.
I was happy to get a lot of compliments in return.  
I was also really pleased to hear that people have learnt from it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Reflection on the End of day Prayer

In doing this prayer, 
I had to think about the words in the prayer as I say them aloud. 
Then write down what it all means to me.


End of Day Prayer
At the end of the day,
we come to you god to say thank you.

For everything we have done,
that has hurts other,
we are sorry.

Bless us as we go home,
and may we bring your love and peace to our families.
What the Prayer means to me
To me the prayer is basically about me thanking god for the day, that he has blessed not just me but others with.
It’s about me and others saying sorry to god about the wrongs that we have done during the day.

And lastly its about us asking God to bless us all with love and peace, as we go home to our families.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 9 Evaluation

This Week I found out a lot of information about the wide variety of different Types of Milk.

I now have a wide range of general knowledge based on the different types of milk.  

For example : Regular Milk, Skim Milk, Flavoured Milk and all the other types of milk are all unalike. 

Like Regular Milk and Flavoured Milk are obviously not the same, because regular milk has no added flavour.  But Flavoured Milk evidently does. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My E - Asttle Writing Results

Personally I think that being a Good Friend means supporting not just your friends, but also helping the people who you don't really get along with.  Because that is what being a good friend is all about.  It means giving them the motivation, when they start to give up on themselves, It means being there for them when they are in need of you, when they are struggling, or even if they just need someone to talk.
I'd say that being someones "Good Friend" would straight away tell me that I am being believed in, that I have someones trust.  To me it feels really good being someone's friend,  it makes me feel good even if all I do is help people.  It also makes me have great pleasure on myself.  It tells me that I am being needed and that people know that I exist,  and everyone wants to know that they exist.

There are good friends all over the world,  in our country and in our communities.  There's good friends left, right & centre.  It is just a matter or choosing your friends wisely and carefully.  Because I have come across people who look all nice in the outside, but then in the future I then realise that I have made a bad decision, about who I have become friends with.  That is why I never forget the saying "Looks can be deceiving."  However  friends are friends and nobody's perfect.

But what I don't get, is that if there are good people as in good friends all over the world, and in our countries and communities.  Why is there wars and dramas happening every week? every second infact every minute of the day.  Why is it that people can't just get along and accept people for what they do or who they are ?  I guess it's just that people are caught up in the wrong crowd,  and don't have good friends to tell them what good thing to do instead of doing the opposite, and creating a big fuss about it.  Good friends a needed everywhere,  and I am lucky to be a good friend and to also HAVE good friends.  But the world isn't perfect and it will never change, I guess that if the world had a choice there wouldn't be no wars and dramas happening.  Its totally up to the people in it, to be good friends to each other and help people think of the positive side to everything and not the negative.
I am happy that I have good friends who will help and support me when I am in need of their help,  and I am also glad that am able to help them.  

This is my results from my Results
from my E - Asttle Writing test about Good Friends.
Term 1

{ Below is my Goals }

{ My Goals for Writing }
I am happy with my result on Ideas, so I will focus on the other elements in Writing
I am also happy with my result on Structure, so I will focus on the other elements in Writing
I wish to be 4B in my area of Organisation.  
With my Vocabulary I want to be a 4B.  So I will need to practise using words form 1 & 2 students should be using.  So it should be complex.
With my Sentence Structure, I want to be 4B, so I need to practise using complex, simple and compound sentences.  In my Writing so that it’ll be a form 2 piece of writing.
With Punctuation, I am happy with. But I will need to keep practising putting my punctuation in the right places.
I am happy with my Spelling.  But I will need to improve.

Facts about the Solomon Islands

I have found a few facts about the Solomon Islands.
I have been researching about them, because part of lent is arms-giving.
And arms-giving is helping out people in need, so my class and I have been giving in money for caritas, which will be sent to the Solomon Islands. 
To help the people in need.
Facts about the Solomon Islands

  1. The Official Language of the Solomon Islands is English.
  2. The Solomon Island is a country with a large amount of islands in the oceania.
  3. The Currency in the Solomon Islands is
  4. ( Solomon Island dollar )
  5. The Population of Solomon Islands is 472.000

Unit of Lent

I had to find Maori words relating to Jesus or the Church.
This is what I have found.
Unit of Lent

Maori Word
English Translation
Ihu Karaiti
Jesus Christ
Te Atua or Atua (Either way )
Tukua atu
Hato Paro
Saint Paul
Hato Pius Xth
Saint Pius Xth
Paipera Tapu

First Sunday of Lent - My Reflection

My Reflection on the Gospel.
- I have chosen to do a short summary about what the Gospel meant to me.
The Temptation of Jesus  - ( First Sunday of Lent )
The Gospel tells me that Jesus was tempted by Satan during his time in the desert,  

but Jesus was strong enough to cope through the temptations, and reflect back on the scriptures in the bible,  and stay strong to his faith in God and ignore what Satan was trying to do to him.

Second Sunday of Lent

- Read the Gospel for the coming Sunday 
- Second Sunday of LENT, then answer the questions set for me.
Why was Jesus changed?
- Because Jesus got transfigured
How did the apostles feel?
- The Apostles felt Afraid
Who appeared with Jesus?
- Moses & Elijah  
What do you think Jesus wanted to show his apostles?

- I think Jesus wanted to show his apostles the transfiguration of Jesus.

The Third Sunday of Lent

I had to read the Gospel and then 
show that I understood 
it by answering these questions.
( The Third Sunday of Lent ) 
Think about the conversation between 
Jesus and the woman.

What is the water that Jesus talked about?
Jesus was talking about the water of Eternal Life.  That if you drink it, you will never become thirsty again.
Why was the woman reluctant to give Jesus water?
Because Jesus was a Jew, and she was a Samaritan.  And Samaritans & Jews are meant to have nothing to do with each other.
Why was the woman shocked in what Jesus said to her?

Because the water of eternal life is unbelievable, and so it had shocked the women.

Matching Maori Words

- Matching Maori words to the English words.
I have to match the Maori words to the correct english word.

Te Whanau
elderly woman
Te Karaiti
older brother/other sister
The family

{ The correct match. }

Maori Word
English meaning
Te Whanau
The Family
Elderly women
Te Karaiti
Older brother/older sister