Friday, June 29, 2012

My Supa Hero

This term we have been studying the work of a New Zealand artist, Robyn Kahukiwa. She taught us that everyone who inspires them and in side them, this is my Super Hero of the three people who inspire me in my life.

My Superhero is a combination of three people who inspire me in my life, and those three people is my: Auntie (Hope) my other Auntie (Lulu) and my Grandpa. These people are the people who I look up to when I need their help, they are always by my side in everything I do. They will always be there for me no matter what. My Grandpa represents the skirt that is made out of the Samoan flag, and the crosses with the word God on it. Because he is proud to be a Islander from Samoa and he is proud to have the Catholic religion. My Auntie Hope represents the body and the T-Shirt, my other Auntie Lulu represents the shoes and the rosary because she loves her shoes and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her shoes. The rosary represents my Auntie Lulu as-well because she wears her rosary everyday. I am so proud to have them in my life.


  1. Wonderful Visual Art Zheiyna. I love how you have used the scrifitto technique to make the hair more detailed. You have definitely created a great superhero :-)

  2. Thank you Miss G I hope you'll check more of my work some day

    By Zheiyna

  3. Wow that a good story I want to learn about. I am proud of you and keep it up.


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