Sunday, October 12, 2014

Term 4 ... One Day Away .....

Wow the school holidays have gone by so fast ....... and term 4 is just ONE day away.

I can admit that my holidays weren't that great, I mean there were time's where I got to go out with friends and go out with family to the beach and have a family day out but I guess .... well I guess I did enjoy my holidays :) . 
Like I said term 4 is just a day away and it's a term jam packed with things i've been waiting for all year, there's prize giving .... there's camp and the saddest event yet to come is having our year 8 levers mass.  Well there is loads of things yet to come and I just can't wait till the day come's where we get to go to Piha for Camp ...... have our prize giving and have us year 8's enjoy our last school mass.

Well those are all things to look forward for.    "I can't wait"

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