Friday, May 16, 2014

My Comprehension Activity.

This activity is to assure that I 
understand what we are doing in P.E for fitness.
What is Cardiovascular Exercise.
I am to answer these questions in full sentences.

1.  What is the health benefit of the cardiovascular exercise?
- The health benefit of cardio, is lowering our blood pressure and
2.  What is cardiovascular exercise?
- It is a type of exercise that helps make your heart and lungs stronger and also help our muscles become strong.
3.  What happen during the cardiovascular exercise?
- During Cardio it continuously delivers oxygen into our muscles.
4.  What do you need to do to give your heart a proper workout?
- Exercise for a fair amount of time.
5.  How do you know your exercise is an effective workout?  
- You check your heart rate before you start your workout then when you finish, then check your rate again and see if it has improved.
6. How can you measure it.
- You measure your heart rate by holding your pulse and seeing how much it beats per minute.

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