Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers Day Writing

I have never met anyone so understanding, considerate and loving in my entire life.
My mom has those words written all over her.  The way I love my mom is a way that I can’t even explain.  

Firstly because, she isn’t just my mother but is also my soul mate, my friend, my ink to my pen and the harmony to my melody.  I know that I can talk to my mom about anything because I know that she is always there for me.

Secondly, my mom is a person that I would never, EVER forget in my life. She brought me into this world in giving birth to me, I understand that holding a child in your whon  for nine months is not EASY.  And I adore and love you to bits for that.

I love you mom and I always will.  What you have done for me is such a priceless gift, that I will treasure deep within my heart.  You are so special to me that the image of your face in printed in my heart, and will remain there forever.  You have done great things for me and I appreciate it. You have clothed me, given me shelter and have given me the strength to do the things that I do best.

Mom you have helped me stay away from the darkest hours of life, you are practically the light of my world..  You have helped me overcome my weaknesses and have always mentioned to stay true to myself & to  have faith.

You have done great deeds for me and my siblings,  you are the most precious gift from above. There is no word that can explain how beautiful you are, because your not pretty nor beautiful but I’ll say that exquisite says it all.

You are my role model & also my super hero. You protect me from all harmful, and the most painful things this world has to offer.  Mom their is no one in this world that could fit into my life that way you do.  I am nothing without you, I am practically a wrecked jigsaw puzzle with all it’s missing pieces.

We have had our fall outs, our ups & downs.  Through the tough times in life you always remain strong. You have brought into this earth four loving children who will love and worship you at every moment, second, hour and minute of the day.  

You are the most splendid gift from our father above, I am grateful that you are my mother.  Even though you haven’t been around for quite a long time,  you’ll still be my mom. The past doesn’t matter know, all that matters is that you're finally here. I Love You Mom and I want you to always remember that. Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. Such a Touching Explanation Writing Zheynia,
    I liked it how you explained about all the different
    features of your Mother. I also loved how you wrote about
    what she's done for you. I'm sure that your mother would be so
    proud of you when she read's this.
    Keep up the awesome work:-)