Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is it,  the end of my journey here at St Pius X Catholic school.    

It has been a very wicked journey to have shared with several others,  yes I've had my ups and my downs with other students ... yes I've made mistakes and bad decisions but that's all in the past, like people say "Learn from your mistakes."  I can say that in terms of my learning I have learnt a lot from here .... for three years I have managed to forgive and forget, to let the past be the past, to live the present and hope for the best in my future.  I can say that in al subjects of learning I have made progress as the years come and go.  I have managed to set my learning goals and put all my effort into achieving them all,  Although this school has been hard for me to fit in I managed to just pick myself up each time I fell with my head high and my chin up,  It'll be sad to leave this school with all the people who were once close with.  Over these past three years I can say that I will leave this school with good and memories worth being remembered.

This year is just the end of the chapter and next year will be the start of a bright and going forth chapter.  Wishing myself all the best for my college years yet to come.

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