Monday, June 13, 2011

Able to sit next to our friends!!

We should be able to sit next to our friends so when our teacher tells us to do something in groups, we can work with our friends. Also we should be able to sit next to our friends so that we do not fight, like you do when you sit next to people you don’t get along with. Plus we should be able to sit next to our friends so that when we a told to find a group of five to perform a play to the class. You can just get in a group with your friends and then you can be able to perform to the class. Instead of getting in a group with people you do not get on with. That is why you should be able to sit next to your friends, so you can bags them first and its better then fighting with people you don’t get on with. I tell you this because I’ve seen it happen. Hope you enjoyed reading why we should be able to sit next to our friends!!


  1. You have mounted a very persuasive argument here Zheiyna. I wonder what you teacher thinks about your points?

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Mrs Burt,
    Thank-you for your comment, my teacher thinks it has great points.

  3. Zheiyna,
    That is an excellent idea. I wish I could sit next to my friend.

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