Monday, May 26, 2014

Funeral Reflection

Today Room 7 had attended a funeral of a very special lady. She was a loving mother and grand mother.  She loved and adored her children and grand children. She has been apart of our parish and also apart of the St Pius X School family. 

We attended her funeral to show our appreciation and to also give our support to many of the students and past students of St Pius, who is related to her. Mrs Telefoni the lady that has gone before us was known for many things. She was more like a mother to all her grand children than she was a Grandmother. 

Attending that funeral brought tears to many eyes.  Knowing that she was gone was hurtful, many of the people who knew her felt like no body without her, she brought joy to many peoples lives.  
It was basically a time of remembrance of a very special person. She has gone in reality but her soul still remains here on earth for many people.  

The church was full of grieving people who miss her dearly, who wish that this had never have happened.  They understand that God had taken her to a better place, but they just miss her presence, her exquisite smile and her wonderful personality.  We all wished that she had stayed more longer, but it seemed like her time on earth had come to an end, and that it was time for God to take her.  She will be missed dearly by many

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to go along and represent the school a long side with the staff and the rest of room 7.  It may have been hard for me to understand what they were saying, but it wasn't about understanding. It was about showing the courtesy to attend someone's funeral and remember what type of person she was.  The funeral was great.

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