Friday, September 26, 2014





This term I have been working on creating a Diorama that shows the inputs of a Dairy Farm.
This is what my group and I produced.



Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Speech - Embracing Yourself

This week I have been working on writing Speeches.  
This is my speech on Embracing Yourself, 
I did it to let people know that it's okay to be different and to just 
Embrace who you are.

{Opening Statement}
Let me ask you all a question... “Do you believe that we’re all different?”  or do you think “ We were all born to be the same? “

Because I know that every single one of us were born to be different, in our own ways, either by appearance, by mind, by culture, by race and even by the colour of our skin.
“We weren’t made to be the same. We’re all made of our differences and even our flaws”

“We may be different, but being different is beautiful, I believe that being different is what make’s you ....  you, it’s what make’s you who you are.” ....... Others may mock or tease your differences but don’t listen to them! Believe in yourself and be who you are!
Just be yourself and don’t change to satisfy the needs of others, don’t change just because your friends tell you too, or because you want to be “COOL.
Always remember to be “WHO YOU ARE, AND DON’T CHANGE FOR NOBODY.”
If they don’t accept you for you, then it’s their problem as well as their loss.... they’ve just lost somebody totally classy or high tech.  Don’t change to impress that boy you like or even just to act “SWAG.”   And hey pull that skirt down, what are you trying to show us ? Because those legs of your’s ain’t showing any respect for yourself  But then if that’s who you are and how you dress, then it’s totally up to you. You see some girls like there skirts high and some like them low.  We all different in this case it’s in the sense of trend/style, or they're just different. It’s like everyone has their own hobbies and likes, like if we were to talk about music .... everyone has their own taste in music.  Other’s may like or dislike it but it’s none of their business, if you're into boy bands or into those slow jams or even Bob Marley and his reggae music then stick to it, don’t change ANYTHING just because the people you think are cool...don’t like it, be true to who you are. Be proud of every little thing about you.... your amazing .. unique and one of a kind.
Ohhh and some of us may have different skin colour... some are lighter and some are darker ... but don’t let that define who you are or want to become.

Embracing yourself doesn’t mean you have to be loud or known for things, it pretty much means to be yourself..... no one else but yourself.  So do the thing YOU do best and be proud of that cause not everybody is good at what you do best. We are all made of our own strengths and weaknesses.. But there is one thing we all have in common..... that we were all created by the same person ...... God.   
Embrace who you are ... and any voices that tell you different are from the man down stairs .... not upstairs .. but down stairs.  So the next time you hear it just say to yourself “no way i’m a living son and daughter of God who loves and cherishes me above all living things... and i’m AWESOME ... just the way I am!
So once again ...  Believe in yourself .. be who You are ... and don’t let nobody take that away from you.
Thank You.


In maths I am confident that I have achieved at least all of my goals and am now ready to add more.

Over the week I have become more and more alert on how to work with Decimals and Fractions.

This image below show's me working on Decimals, and becoming more confident in being able to understand how to add decimal problems.


Friday, September 12, 2014

My Future

My Future

The future is something I think about a lot,  I can just imagine myself and where i’ll be once i’m done with school and all.

To be completely honest I have realised that becoming a teacher wouldn’t be the brightest idea for me because I know that in order to be a teacher you must have the strength to put down the boot, and I can just say that i’m just a bit too soft for that. But then I could work on that.

The other couriers/jobs that have also come to mind is becoming a Lawyer or a professional Photographer.  I can picture myself doing either of those things, I can imagine myself being a mom to be honest but at the right time. To have  happy family and put my family as my first priority.

In that future I just want to be happy, I want my family to be happy. I just gotta work for it.  I know that in order for me to get my dream courier/job  I have to do my best in school, I have to give it my all.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Feast day of St Pius X and Cross Country

It was the 21st of August and it was the Feast Day of St Pius X, and on that day our school Cross Country took place.

To celebrate the feast day of the Saint of our School, we had a school mass then had a cake afterwards.  The mass was very holy and special to man of us, because he is the man of our school. 

Later on in the day we had our cross country, and that was just very tiring. I was exhausted during my second and last lap.  But  was almost at the end so I just kept going.


We are now into the second to last week of TaeKwonDo, I am impressed with myself because of the amount of work I have put in to achieve m self set goals in TaeKwonDo. I have learnt many things during TaeKwonDo both in self defence and in Spa.  

TaeKwonDo is something I enjoy learning and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have had a professional TaeKwonDo instructor come and teach me what there is to know about the are of TaeKwonDo.

The Drumming Show over at Glen Innes Primary

The drumming show over at G.I.P - Glen Innes Primary
One morning the senior syndicate of St Pius X had been invited to Glen Inned Primary to watch a drumming show performed by  group called *WALA MEANS LIFE.*

We got to the school my feet seeing that the school was just down the road from us and was practically walking distance.  So we had finally got there and we had all been seated and the group then performed.

They first introduced there different types of drums to us, and we were all just buzzing out on the sound they all made. Then the drumming group got performing, they performed drumming music and types of dances.  It was pretty funny but super incredible.

Ambury Farm

Ambury Farm 
It was a Friday morning and the senior syndicate of St Pius X Catholic School went off on a trip to Ambury Farm in South Auckland. - Mangere

We took the bus to get to our destination, it was pretty exciting but the weather wasn't very kind that day. Gale's of wind came pushing through all day, it was so cold that I could even feel it through my rain jacket.
But it wasn't much of a trip, it was much of a learning day outside of class.  So because our topic in class was Milk, we went out to a farm to learn about how it gets processed and all.

It was a great learning day for all of us.

Expressive Writing

In this piece of expressive writing I am confident that I have achieved all these goals :
- To use punctuation correctly and continuously.
- To make sure my sentences make sense.
- And to use interesting vocabulary to make my writing interesting.

{ I have underlined my punctuation and I have bolded my interesting words. }

Chocolate is something I crave for at every moment of the day. Not because i'm hungry all the time, but because it's something I can never get sick of eating.

I do know that it could ruin my health system and give me diabetes. But that was ever how I use to see chocolate.  I understand now that the best thing for me to do is to cut down on eating chocolate, because in the future it'll probably come around and say I told you so and bite me in the back side.