Friday, May 9, 2014

My Holiday

My Holidays was boring and exciting at the same time. there was something really exciting coming up and I couldn't wait till that day had arrived.

The boring parts of my holidays was having to clean the house, and do the dishes with my two older brothers. We laughed while we we cleaned together and we also fought, which always happened.  We’d scream and yell at each other about who would wash, dry and put away the dishes. None of us liked drying so they said since I was the only girl I had to dry, which was not that awesome.  

My exciting part of my holidays was having to see my mom for the first time, actually since I was 6 years of age.  So my siblings and I were really nervous about what was going to happen when we saw her and what we’d say.  

We all just sat there quieter than ever, then there was a knock at the door and it was her.  My brother Isaiah and my sister Monique ran into the bathroom while I ran to the toilet.  My oldest brother just sat in his room.  Nothing mattered to him he was alright with everything, but then seeing that he was the oldest out of us four. He had to stay strong for all of us.

So then we got called by my grandpa to go to our mom.  We sat down and spoke to each other, then we were on our way to her house to meet my 1 year old half brother.  He was so gorgeous and chubby, he didn’t look like any of us. But like we all knew why, we had had a different dad to him, so that was understandable.

We had arrived at her house, and just sat around.  We ate then we started to have a talk and catch up with each other.
I was really happy to see my mom, it had been so long since I had last seen her. She has turned her life around and has improved.  She is a totally new person.  I love her and I always will.

I am so glad that we got to see each other again, seeing that me and my siblings are under the custody of my dads parents. I love that she has come back and we are all grown up now because now we can understand why this has all happened. But everything has changed, its all better now. :)

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