Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekly Reflection

I would have to say that this week was different. As in the way we learnt. I would say that most of the time I had managed myself and had shown responsibility but then there were times where I mucked up.  I still managed to get my work done.

In Reading I had used this new reading site to do my reading, it came with activities and different types of books.  

With writing we had watched video's of the Laughing Samoans, because it was linked to parody and vocabulary. It was basically about how they were using the words and in what way. It was a new and fun way to do Literacy.

With Religious Education I had created a presentation about the Prophet of Isaiah, also known as Prophet of Hope.  I had to read a text about him and then create a presentation about what I had learnt from it. 

With maths I have been included in Maths workshops, we have been practising out Basic facts and multiplications.

This week was a good week I'd say,  I can't wait for another fresh new start to a new learning week next week. :)

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