Friday, June 28, 2013

My New Zealand Artist

This Term I have been asked to research a New Zealand Artist and create a Power Point to show what I learnt learnt about her. My Artist name is 
Rebecca Osborne.

My Talent Creation

L.I - I am learning to create something to show what Talent God has blessed me with.
I chose to do a Acrostic Poem

I know for certain that I have a talent in singing many different songs.
I know that by using this wonderful gift, I can praise God by singing his hymns.

L.I - I have learnt to use Place Value to solve both  Addition & Subtraction Problems.

S - Singing
I - Invoice
N - Nice
G - Good
I - Incredible
N - Natural Talent
G - Graceful

The Matata Flood

L.I - I am leaning to relate to the feelings of how the characters are feeling in the text, and be able to write a paragraph in how they are feeling.
The text I was reading about was based on the 
It was based on a true story.
I shivered in the cold weather as my parents were putting my sisters and I  up in the attic where it was the safest place to be. I held my two sisters close to me and I was anxious about knowing if we may or may not live. I looked out the window and the water was surrounding all building and the clouds turned from nice blue skies to dark grey blackish clouds. I was horrified.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Water Worries

This term my class and I have been learning about WATER. This power point was created and put together by my learning group and I. 
called the Thunder Buddies. 

Learning Litre's & Millilitres

L.I - I am learning to find out more about 
Litres & Millilitres 
so that I can record what I have learnt.
- Liquids :
- The words MILLI & LITRE put together make up the word MILLILITRE.
the short ways of writing millilitre and litre is written like this - ml & ltr
- If you collect 20 DROPS of WATER it makes up to 1 MILLILITRE
- A Teaspoon can hold up to 5 MILLILITRES - one full teaspoon can ONLY hold
- MILLILITRES are often written as ml ( for short ) so 100 ml is the same as
- A millilitre is by far NOT ENOUGH for someone who is really thirsty. So then we bring in LITRES.
- A LITRE is just bunches of MILLILITRES put together. In fact 1000 millilitres combined makes 1 WHOLE LITRE.
- This jug  hold exactly 1 LITRE.
- Usually milk, soda and other drinks are sold in ltr’s - LITRES.

My Special Person

L.I - I am learning to use figurative language to use in my writing. 
So that I can 

The one person I look up to is my is my Dad. He is my role model, when I am feeling down I will just look at his smile and it was as if nothing really happened.

When I decide to choose the wrong decision my dad is always there for me to help to choose the right decisions. I look up to my dad. My life is just like a puzzle so if the pieces fell off my dad will always be there to pick the pieces up.

My dad has been there for me ever since. My dad is never too busy to spend time with me and my siblings. I label my dad NOT just as my dad but as my best friend.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Animals & Humans

24 - 06 - 13

Today my class and I had a talk about the differences between

I learnt that Humans and Animals have similar things in common, we just do things differently.  But there is just 
ONE THING that we have that animals don’t have. We have a SOUL - SPIRIT.  We also spoke about why we go to church. We go to church to empty out all the hatred inside of our us that is not necessary.  We empty all that out because all that is necessary is to LOVE one another, exactly the same way God loves us.  

Friday, June 21, 2013


I am learning how to ESTIMATE and to measure water by using LITRES & MILLILITRES.
Learn - learn to estimate how many litres / millilitres we needed to fill our 700 ml -container.
Create - In our group our estimations were -
Latanoa - 6 half a cups
Zheiyna - 7  half a cups
Siniva - 5  half a cups
Meleseini - 4  half a cups

Share -  We have got 2 containers, one is a 700 ml container and the other is a half a cup to fill our 700 ml container. Then in our group we all made an estimation of how many half a cups we need to fill up our container which is 700 ml. We all estimated different amounts. But to be sure we needed to fill our container and count how many half a cups we need to fill our container. We used our 2 timetables to solve our  problem.

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Strand

God Is -

Our Father
Our Creator
 Our loving father
  Our Forgiver
    and our LIGHT.

- What does God want from me ?
God wants from me to be able to love and care for each other, as he loved and cared for me. God also wants me to have no hatred in my soul and in my Spirit. He wants me to love my enemies no matter what has happened.

- What is God stopping me to do ?
God is stopping me from getting tempted to do the wrong things, by the wrong people. God is also stopping me from having hatred inside of me.

Technology at Selwyn College

This year for tech, the school I am attending now which is 
- St Pius X -  is currently attending Selwyn College every Wednesday’s for technology.
But ONLY the year 7’s & 8’s.

This term for tech the year level I'm in, witch is the year 7’s are currently taking cooking class. In cooking class the food we are making are all BREAKFAST meals. In our class there are four groups of five, depending on the amount of students in our class.

Taking cooking class and other classes at tech is basically learning how to do many other things that you are going to have to know when you are in college.

I enjoy going to technology, NOT just because its somewhere else than school but because I can learn more before I get into college.


Today was my first time in the swimming pool.  As I was walking down the stairs to enter the swimming pool the warm water just hit me.  I Stream lined to the end of the pool as I waited patiently for Mrs Tui to give me a number.  My number I had was number 6.  So every time we had swimming and she called out the number 6, then I know that she is wanting me to either streamline, freestyle or backstroke to the end of the pool and back.

So our first activity was to streamline from one end to the other.  Then after that we had to do freestyle.  Mrs Tui was just checking what we are good at and what we need practise on.

After we finished practising our starfish, freestyle, backstroke and streamlining the we had an extra 2 minutes to have a little play around before it was the year 8’s turn in the pool. My first time in the pool was exciting.

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Description of myself.

I have been learning to write a description  of myself.

I am a 11 years of age and I have wavy dark brown hair.  I am medium build and also short.  I have light brown eyes and long eye lashes.  Sometimes I can be a bit scruffy,  but that’s only when I'm feeling lazy. I am also a very playful person.

I am the sort of girl that love’s all sorts of music.  I love to sing and I love listening to music.  I also enjoy playing different sports.  I can be sporty sometimes depending on my mood.  I also love learning new things about all sorts of things.

I am a very emotional person, and also shy. When I am put in front of a big crowd and I have to sing or read, I get so nervous that I just want to run off the stage or the alter. But then yet it is always good to face your fears and over come them.

I love it when I get told that I had done a good reading or I was good at singing. Because then I do know that I am good at something. But I'm not ALWAYS great because I have my moments.
Although nobody's perfect including me.

My Maths

I have been learning to use - Place Value - to solve my maths problems.

62 - 47 = ?
- 60 - 40 = 20
- 20 - 7 = 13
- 13 + 2 = 15

31 - 19 = ?
- 30 - 10 = 20
- 20 - 9 = 11
- 11 + 1 = 12

61 - 23 =?
- 60 - 20 = 40
- 40 - 3 = 37
- 37 + 1 =  38

My Description of my Dad

I have been learning to write a description of a person in my family and I chose 
my Dad.
My dads name is Monty and he is really awesome once you get to know him.  He will make jokes and do other things that you’ll find quite funny.  I like how he looks and how he smiles. He has curly greyish and blackish hair, as well as black coloured eyes.  He’s sort of tall but skinny, and his smile to me is exquisite.

My dad loves drawing and loves to sing.  He loves to be helpful and kind, he is always helping other people in different ways.  He loves art because he loves drawing his future house. They all look awesome.

Lets get to his clothes, his clothes is well fitted and it suits him.  Although there is one faded black jacket that he never gets sick of wearing, but it’s fine because he looks awesome in it.

Now his walking stage.  Well the way my dad walk’s it all depends on his mood. If he’s tired, obviously he’ll walk slow but if he’s up and going then he’ll walk a bit faster.  Any ways I like the way my dad looks, dresses, smiles and walks, in fact I love it.

My dad loves to play rugby and touch.  He is a very sporty person. My dad is awesome and he always is.  I love him just the way he is and I am very fortunate to have him in my life, he is irreplaceable in my heart.