Friday, May 30, 2014

Procedural Writing of How to be a Good Friend

To be a good friend you’ll need :

1 cup of Love
1 cup of Respect
1/2 a cup of Kindness
1/2 a cup of Care
and 1 cup of Courtesy

If you were to put all the together you would get a good and healthy type of friendship.   
One you put that all together, try and show it in reality.  Then maybe you’ll have millions of friends by your side.  After you have tried out everything and have put everything together then go out and enjoy life being a good friend to your friends.

Then there you have it a good healthy friendship.

Reading Online - Sunshine Activity

- Sunshine Online : The Bike Race:)
I had read the story about the Bike race, had to write a News report about it. That was obviously how I showed I understood what I was reading because I was able to write a report on the book.
- This is a screenshot on the News Report I had written.

News report.png

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekly Reflection

I would have to say that this week was different. As in the way we learnt. I would say that most of the time I had managed myself and had shown responsibility but then there were times where I mucked up.  I still managed to get my work done.

In Reading I had used this new reading site to do my reading, it came with activities and different types of books.  

With writing we had watched video's of the Laughing Samoans, because it was linked to parody and vocabulary. It was basically about how they were using the words and in what way. It was a new and fun way to do Literacy.

With Religious Education I had created a presentation about the Prophet of Isaiah, also known as Prophet of Hope.  I had to read a text about him and then create a presentation about what I had learnt from it. 

With maths I have been included in Maths workshops, we have been practising out Basic facts and multiplications.

This week was a good week I'd say,  I can't wait for another fresh new start to a new learning week next week. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading Work

- Sunshine Online - Book : Holiday Farm :)

This activity was about putting words into the correct column. It all was linked to Syllables. These words were all included in the Book : Holiday Farm.

Activity 2 : This activity is called Missing word, I had to fill in the empty spaces with words, so that the sentence would be completed. This is linked to Comprehension work.
- My task was to fill in the missing places with the words on the side.

word missing.png

Activity 3 : I had to fill in a word cross with vocabulary words.
This is an image of the word cross.

In doing this activity I had shown that I have understood what I had read because,
 I was able to complete these activities.


Today I had the chance to learn about Softball and how it’s played. I was basically just learning about the basic and important skills needed to play softball.

Before we got into learning about the skills needed in softball, we started up a little game to get us all warmed up. The game we had played was called Triangle Tag, none of us in room 7 were familiar with that game.  So it was basically something new we had learnt.

Triangle game is pretty fun, and also pretty easy to play.  You basically only need groups of 5 but depending on the amount of people there is. Then you decide who is going to be the tagger and who is going to be chased.  The tagger stands outside the circle but opposite the person whom they're going to tag, the rest of them have to all join hands and shuffle side to side so that the tagger doesn’t tag that person. Then you just keep going and just take turns being tagger. And thats just a friendly game of Triangle tag, although I am meant to be telling you all about the skills I had learnt. :)

so the first thing I can remember learning about, is some kind of crocodile snap catch. You catch the ball with two hands with your palms touching each other. I found that sort of easy seeing that I usually catch the ball like that playing several other games/sports.

The second thing I can remember is the under arm. There is a underarm and over arm throw.  The instructor had taught us how to position ourselves before throwing an underarm. The best way to put what underarm is, is to just say its a throw that is thrown below your waist but aimed at the other persons chest.

Then comes along the overarm throw,  I can admit that I did get it muddled up with a shot put throw. But then I managed to do it, it’s all about putting your full attention and mind to it.  
I had then learnt how to catch the ball with your hands out like a butterfly, I found that also easy.  You are to place your butterfly hands in front of your chest. The target will practically be your target 24/7 it’s where they’ll aim most of the time.  So you’ll just need to be ready and look out for the ball.

The skills that I had learnt today will most definitely help me in the future for when I do end up playing Softball for any reason at all.  I am looking forward to be learning more about softball next week seeing that it is our kiwi sport for the term.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maths Problem

I have been working on this maths problem 
using my basic fact knowledge.

Question : There are 12 boxes of donuts, Each box contains 7 donuts.

How many donuts are there altogether ?

Working Out :
7 x 12 =
7 x 10 = 70
7 x 2 = 14
70 + 14 = 84
- Therefore 7 x 12 = 84

I have used Place Value as a Strategy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Kindness Writing

If I had to say what Kindness meant to me, it’ll be that Kindness is also being loving and compassionate about yourself and others.

Kindness is practically another way of showing someone the act of love and respect. It’s kind of like putting others before yourself, which is kind of a hard thing to do but you do it because it is the right and good thing to do.  
To me kindness is also the key of earning someones respect.  You have to be kind to someone in order for them to be kind, in return and give you their respect. You are also expected to treat others the way you’ll want to be treated in return.

Not being kind to others, and caring about yourself is being rude and selfish. Because if you were to just care about yourself and ignore everyone else then your life will just be dreadful with no-one to talk to, in fact you’ll be lonely and being lonely is just not so great.
I guess what I am trying to get out of this, is that not showing kindness in this world would cause people to be mean, nasty & sad.  And living in a world with mean, nasty and sad people will just be dreadful.  

Showing someone you care about them will just bring a smile to their face, so be kind. Talk to people and don’t be cold hearted people, so show people the kind side of you and you might just bring a smile to another persons face.  

Last of all I know that being kind to some will most probably bring the kindness out of them.  Kindness is something that needs to be practised constantly,  you can even show kindness by noticing someone or something who is in need of support.  Also showing kindness is a gift from the Holy Spirit and being kind is expected of us.

Funeral Reflection

Today Room 7 had attended a funeral of a very special lady. She was a loving mother and grand mother.  She loved and adored her children and grand children. She has been apart of our parish and also apart of the St Pius X School family. 

We attended her funeral to show our appreciation and to also give our support to many of the students and past students of St Pius, who is related to her. Mrs Telefoni the lady that has gone before us was known for many things. She was more like a mother to all her grand children than she was a Grandmother. 

Attending that funeral brought tears to many eyes.  Knowing that she was gone was hurtful, many of the people who knew her felt like no body without her, she brought joy to many peoples lives.  
It was basically a time of remembrance of a very special person. She has gone in reality but her soul still remains here on earth for many people.  

The church was full of grieving people who miss her dearly, who wish that this had never have happened.  They understand that God had taken her to a better place, but they just miss her presence, her exquisite smile and her wonderful personality.  We all wished that she had stayed more longer, but it seemed like her time on earth had come to an end, and that it was time for God to take her.  She will be missed dearly by many

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to go along and represent the school a long side with the staff and the rest of room 7.  It may have been hard for me to understand what they were saying, but it wasn't about understanding. It was about showing the courtesy to attend someone's funeral and remember what type of person she was.  The funeral was great.

Room 7's Kindness Assembly

Friday the 23rd was Room 7's Virtue assembly. The virtue that our assembly was based on was KINDNESS.

The message that our assembly was telling people, was that { Kindness is  such a strong virtue as well as Love, it is basically the root of all the other virtues out there. }
Our assembly was calm and exciting, we got to share with the rest of the school as seniors, what KINDNESS is, and why it is so important to practise.  I am pretty sure that we have given to them enough reasons why KINDNESS should be practised in and out of school grounds.

We had shared with the school our poems and songs that we had created about what Kindness is.  We did poems, acrostic poems , songs and also little drama's / skits. 
I was pleased with what my group had presented.  

After our assembly we had received a lot of compliments on how everything went. I was surprised seeing that we only had a one day practise, I guess its just that we had to have FAITH and just HOPE that everything would go right. It was a lovely assembly and other people thought that as well. :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Following Procedural Writing

I have been learning how to write Procedural writing,
 but to also be able to read it.
The piece of Procedural Writing I had followed was about how to make a Island Mat.  It told me how to make it step by step. It was very basic and kind of easy for me to make. It was heaps of fun. :)

My Reflection on the Gospel on John

My Reflection
I understand that gospel was referring to Jesus having the father within him, it was about Jesus being the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.  Jesus told Philip and Thomas  that there is plenty of room for us in his kingdom. Jesus is with us always and he is the father.  Jesus also said that if we have faith in him we are also having faith in the father, Philip and Thomas didn't really have faith in Jesus because they didn’t know who the father was.  
But if they just believed then they would have known. Have faith in Jesus and you’ll be one with the father.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Milk Investigation

This was an activity,
for us to investigate the property of each milk.
Types of Milk
Type of Milk
How does it look ?
What colour is it ?
How does it Pour ?
How does it Taste ?
Soy Milk
Rice Milk
UHT Milk
Like normal Milk
Blue Top
Watery, Bubbly
Light White
Bubbly Runny
Like normal Milk
Green Top
Thin Watery
White Greenish
Watery thin
Milk Powder
Light Yellow
Not appetizing
Condensed Milk

My Comprehension Activity.

This activity is to assure that I 
understand what we are doing in P.E for fitness.
What is Cardiovascular Exercise.
I am to answer these questions in full sentences.

1.  What is the health benefit of the cardiovascular exercise?
- The health benefit of cardio, is lowering our blood pressure and
2.  What is cardiovascular exercise?
- It is a type of exercise that helps make your heart and lungs stronger and also help our muscles become strong.
3.  What happen during the cardiovascular exercise?
- During Cardio it continuously delivers oxygen into our muscles.
4.  What do you need to do to give your heart a proper workout?
- Exercise for a fair amount of time.
5.  How do you know your exercise is an effective workout?  
- You check your heart rate before you start your workout then when you finish, then check your rate again and see if it has improved.
6. How can you measure it.
- You measure your heart rate by holding your pulse and seeing how much it beats per minute.

My Prayer to the Holy Spirit

My Prayer to the Holy Spirit.
Dearest Holy Spirit, I pray that you’ll watch over me and my family and guide us through the right path in life. I pray that you’ll bless us and keep us away from the darkest places in this world. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be with me and my family in everything we do. I pray that you’ll give us the strength to do what we do best, and that you’ll watch over us and look after us, I pray that you’ll protect us from all harmful and painful things this world has to offer.  I also pray that you’ll make me understand everything in this world. I’m sorry that I haven’t been very honest with you, but sometimes it’s just too hard to let out how i’m feeling.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Maori Introduction

I am learning how to introduce myself in Maori. 
This is my introduction in Maori
Ko Zheiyna tōku ingoa   -  My name is Zheiyna
Ko Elvire tōku māmā  
-  My mother’s name is Elvire
Ko Monty tōku pāpā 
 -    My father’s name is Monty
Ko Pele tōku nanny  
-   My grandma’s name is Pele
Ko Fonofili tōku koro  
-   My Grandpa's name is Fonofili
Ko Samoan, Tahitian tōku iwi
- I am Samoan - Tahitian
Kei Aotearoa tōku kāinga  
- I am from New Zealand
Ka haere au Pt England Hohanga Reo.  
- I went to Pt England Preschool.
Ka haere Kura St. Pius X Catholic School

- Know I go to St Pius Xth Catholic School

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Writing Goals

In writing I am to focus on two aspects,  
Sentence Structure & Vocabulary

With sentence structure, I have to use 3 different sentences to add effect to my writing. 

and they are { Simple, Complex & Compound sentences. }

With Vocabulary, I am to use specific and interesting vocabulary to add effect to my writing. :)

Mothers Day Writing

I have never met anyone so understanding, considerate and loving in my entire life.
My mom has those words written all over her.  The way I love my mom is a way that I can’t even explain.  

Firstly because, she isn’t just my mother but is also my soul mate, my friend, my ink to my pen and the harmony to my melody.  I know that I can talk to my mom about anything because I know that she is always there for me.

Secondly, my mom is a person that I would never, EVER forget in my life. She brought me into this world in giving birth to me, I understand that holding a child in your whon  for nine months is not EASY.  And I adore and love you to bits for that.

I love you mom and I always will.  What you have done for me is such a priceless gift, that I will treasure deep within my heart.  You are so special to me that the image of your face in printed in my heart, and will remain there forever.  You have done great things for me and I appreciate it. You have clothed me, given me shelter and have given me the strength to do the things that I do best.

Mom you have helped me stay away from the darkest hours of life, you are practically the light of my world..  You have helped me overcome my weaknesses and have always mentioned to stay true to myself & to  have faith.

You have done great deeds for me and my siblings,  you are the most precious gift from above. There is no word that can explain how beautiful you are, because your not pretty nor beautiful but I’ll say that exquisite says it all.

You are my role model & also my super hero. You protect me from all harmful, and the most painful things this world has to offer.  Mom their is no one in this world that could fit into my life that way you do.  I am nothing without you, I am practically a wrecked jigsaw puzzle with all it’s missing pieces.

We have had our fall outs, our ups & downs.  Through the tough times in life you always remain strong. You have brought into this earth four loving children who will love and worship you at every moment, second, hour and minute of the day.  

You are the most splendid gift from our father above, I am grateful that you are my mother.  Even though you haven’t been around for quite a long time,  you’ll still be my mom. The past doesn’t matter know, all that matters is that you're finally here. I Love You Mom and I want you to always remember that. Happy Mothers Day.

My Holiday

My Holidays was boring and exciting at the same time. there was something really exciting coming up and I couldn't wait till that day had arrived.

The boring parts of my holidays was having to clean the house, and do the dishes with my two older brothers. We laughed while we we cleaned together and we also fought, which always happened.  We’d scream and yell at each other about who would wash, dry and put away the dishes. None of us liked drying so they said since I was the only girl I had to dry, which was not that awesome.  

My exciting part of my holidays was having to see my mom for the first time, actually since I was 6 years of age.  So my siblings and I were really nervous about what was going to happen when we saw her and what we’d say.  

We all just sat there quieter than ever, then there was a knock at the door and it was her.  My brother Isaiah and my sister Monique ran into the bathroom while I ran to the toilet.  My oldest brother just sat in his room.  Nothing mattered to him he was alright with everything, but then seeing that he was the oldest out of us four. He had to stay strong for all of us.

So then we got called by my grandpa to go to our mom.  We sat down and spoke to each other, then we were on our way to her house to meet my 1 year old half brother.  He was so gorgeous and chubby, he didn’t look like any of us. But like we all knew why, we had had a different dad to him, so that was understandable.

We had arrived at her house, and just sat around.  We ate then we started to have a talk and catch up with each other.
I was really happy to see my mom, it had been so long since I had last seen her. She has turned her life around and has improved.  She is a totally new person.  I love her and I always will.

I am so glad that we got to see each other again, seeing that me and my siblings are under the custody of my dads parents. I love that she has come back and we are all grown up now because now we can understand why this has all happened. But everything has changed, its all better now. :)