Friday, May 17, 2013

At School

There is only a few things wrong at our school and that is the Attitude and the Bullying. I think that the attitude that people have towards their learning is not good, also the bullying that is happening I would know that it is NOT acceptable at our school.

I think that people need the proper attitude towards their learning if they want to meet the national standards. When I say bullying I mean the name calling, the judging  and the put downs that people say to each other. Bullying is a really serious matter and I think that it needs to be stopped in our school, especially how our school is a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

I know that people would NOT like to be bullied. I think that people need to focus on their learning more then anything.  So I know by far that people need to concentrate on their learning and STOP bullying.


  1. Hey Zheiyna,
    I totally agree with you. I think those are absolutely 2 problems a lot of schools have. Sometimes I think that people should just realize that what they say can extremely hurt people a lot. People should just not say anything if it's not nice. As for the other problem I just think that kids choose to be like that because they think its cool or some.
    Spread the word Zheiyna. ( I mean words)
    Sincerly From Jorja

    1. Thank You Jorja for that lovely comment, I love knowing that some one agree's with me on something.