Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Using Netbooks Are Good for our learning

Personally I think net books helps me a lot with my learning, it helps me find out information that I can’t find anywhere else, but the internet.  To me the internet is my Best friend,  it has the answers to all my questions.

The net books helps me to learn more creatively.  It gives me the opportunity to create something out of learning, so that it can be presentable.  I say that working on line is way more easier than drawing the layout on your piece of paper, and wasting your time erasing  every single bit of it, just because it doesn't look right.   It also allows me to access my work anywhere at any time.

Well I guess what I’m trying to say is that net books are a great piece of technology,  it can help me in all aspects of my learning. But! despite the advantages that net books have to offer, there is also a downside to it. Disadvantages that may apply would be faulty errors, vulnerability to hacking and electrical consumption. We rely on these net books to hold and store useful information but when something goes wrong, work that we have put much effort into has been discarded without any chance of regaining it. This could possibly be the result of a faulty net book. Another factor towards to the disadvantages of net books would be the electrical consumption. To charge and manage these net books would require a lot of power and power is something that we are all limited too. But in the end, the advantages of net book use, outweigh the disadvantages as they are vital to our learning and will undoubtedly benefit us in the future.

But then,  it is still a great tool for our learning. I find it awesomely helpful and creative.  But this is obviously what I think of the net books,  and it is my opinion on net books. 
"Net book are Great !"

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