Monday, March 10, 2014

My Explanation writing on Lent

In our Catholic Faith, Lent is a time of Fasting, Alms giving & Praying.  Fasting in terms of Lent means giving up something, that you really love or need.  Alms giving is about giving money or things to caritas, or to anyone in need of whatever.  And then Praying, praying can be simple or complex, but it totally depends on how you actually Pray.  People pray for all sorts of things,  when they are in need of protection, love, comfort and other things.  
This Year Lent Started on the 5th of March - 17th April.

Lent goes on for 40 days,  it is the 40 days in the 6 weeks before Easter.  The forty day are the days that Jesus was led to the desert by the spirit, to be put to the test of Satan.  Satan is the opposite of having Faith, Hope & Love.  Satan is the bad side to everything.  Jesus was tempted about three times by Satan, but Jesus stayed strong and held on to his Faith in God,  he ignored Satan and always reflected back on the scriptures in the bible.  Lent is a time of forgiving and forgetting, so stay true to God. “Worship only the Lord your God, and do not put him to the test.”

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