Friday, March 21, 2014

My Soul Friend

A soul friend is someone I can support, help and even motivate.  It’s a person that I can connect to and speak to and give advice to.  It’s someone that is by your side 24/7.  It’s someone that listens to you.  A soul friend is someone that you’ll have to get to know properly.  My soul friend is Mei and this is all what I know about her.

Mei is my Soul Friend.  Her ethnicity is Fijian, She’s kind of shy, but then in the end she comes around.  She loves helping with things and getting involved with different things.

Mei has a lot of favourite things.  She has a favourite : Movie, Game, Teacher, Food, Book, Subject, Programme, Colour and many more.  She is 7 years of age and is year 4 in room 3.  Her birthday is on Sunday the 23rd of March this year.

Her favourite movie is Smurfs 2,  she says that movie is hilarious.  She loves Tiggy, and thats why it’s her favourite game.  She loves Apples and McDonald's,  apples is her favourite fruit and McDonald's is Mei’s favourite food.

We have spoken about her favourite subject in learning,  she has told me that she is really good at writing and that writing is her favourite subject.  She has also told me that she loves the colour Green, her favourite friend is Fiapo and her favourite singer is Katy Perry.  

Mei also loves watching Austin & Ally,  her favourite book is David goes to school.  
Mei’s favourite drink is Apple Juice and her inspiration is Mrs Pole.  Mrs Pole is also Mei’s favourite teacher.

Mei is a very bright person,  I like everything about her.  In facts I really like the facts that we have one thing in common,  what we dislike.  Mei and I both dislike Bullying, and that is something that we have both experienced.   I can’t wait to get to know her more and spend more time with her in the future.

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