Friday, October 10, 2014

My Holidays

My holidays were full of my ups and downs, full of happiness and tears, full of happy times and even sad.
The time’s I enjoyed the most were the moments  I felt  Happiness the time’s I shared my laughter with friends and family. The up’s of my holidays and not the downs.

Over the last couple of days/weeks I had experienced life with no power but only for about 2-3 days.
I also got to go to the movie’s with friends and laugh and have fun.  We watched the Maze Runner .... that movie was full of surprises I jumped I squealed I laughed I practically did everything in that movie.
During that day I can admit that I was a bit crazy, but a slap from a friend did the job.
That day just made my holidays, laughing and having a great time with friends OMG it was just amazing.

Also during the holidays as I mentioned early that there was a power outage.    Oh yeah It wasn’t so great, no t.v ..... no internet ...... no video game’s ....... no electronics.   The first day I’d say was pretty boring ..... but then the second day I realised that it wasn’t that bad, I felt like a normal child playing and running around outside and not inside on a beautiful sunny day behind a screen all day.  It wasn’t that bad, there were candle’s and the roads were just packed 24/7 cars driving everywhere like mad people. Shopping centre’s all closed due to the lack of power. At night we’d have the candle’s all lit up, then around the table we gather playing cards... laughing together and seeing that having no power wasn’t so bad after all.

I’d say that my holidays were just incredible....... even though I had my down moments and the moments that I just felt like doing nothing but cry.  I got over myself and just enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest.
Thank God for the holidays .

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