Sunday, October 12, 2014

Holidays Sadly Ended

I can admit that it's pretty sad to say that our school holidays have come to an end. 

To be honest half of me is saying "Yes! it's finally over .. back to school ! " and the other half it like 
"uugghhh .. school "   I mean I swear I just want to get school all over and done with ... I planned out my future and I know what I want. At this point in time I am too focus on school and school only, that's going to be tricky seeing that there's distractions all around me.

Okay i'll just come out with the truth ... I've missed school so badly .... I've missed seeing my friends and some teachers whom I get along with really well.  Sometime's I don't even want to have school holidays nor weekends but I guess we all have family to spend time with, like sometime's I don't get why some kids can't wait to have there holidays and just don't want there holidays to end but sadly it has too. We all have learning to do.

So I'll just like to thank God for the holiday he has blessed me and my family with, and I'd like to ask him to bless us all who are arriving back at school tomorrow morning.

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