Friday, June 14, 2013

My Description of myself.

I have been learning to write a description  of myself.

I am a 11 years of age and I have wavy dark brown hair.  I am medium build and also short.  I have light brown eyes and long eye lashes.  Sometimes I can be a bit scruffy,  but that’s only when I'm feeling lazy. I am also a very playful person.

I am the sort of girl that love’s all sorts of music.  I love to sing and I love listening to music.  I also enjoy playing different sports.  I can be sporty sometimes depending on my mood.  I also love learning new things about all sorts of things.

I am a very emotional person, and also shy. When I am put in front of a big crowd and I have to sing or read, I get so nervous that I just want to run off the stage or the alter. But then yet it is always good to face your fears and over come them.

I love it when I get told that I had done a good reading or I was good at singing. Because then I do know that I am good at something. But I'm not ALWAYS great because I have my moments.
Although nobody's perfect including me.

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