Friday, June 14, 2013

My Description of my Dad

I have been learning to write a description of a person in my family and I chose 
my Dad.
My dads name is Monty and he is really awesome once you get to know him.  He will make jokes and do other things that you’ll find quite funny.  I like how he looks and how he smiles. He has curly greyish and blackish hair, as well as black coloured eyes.  He’s sort of tall but skinny, and his smile to me is exquisite.

My dad loves drawing and loves to sing.  He loves to be helpful and kind, he is always helping other people in different ways.  He loves art because he loves drawing his future house. They all look awesome.

Lets get to his clothes, his clothes is well fitted and it suits him.  Although there is one faded black jacket that he never gets sick of wearing, but it’s fine because he looks awesome in it.

Now his walking stage.  Well the way my dad walk’s it all depends on his mood. If he’s tired, obviously he’ll walk slow but if he’s up and going then he’ll walk a bit faster.  Any ways I like the way my dad looks, dresses, smiles and walks, in fact I love it.

My dad loves to play rugby and touch.  He is a very sporty person. My dad is awesome and he always is.  I love him just the way he is and I am very fortunate to have him in my life, he is irreplaceable in my heart.

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