Thursday, June 27, 2013

Learning Litre's & Millilitres

L.I - I am learning to find out more about 
Litres & Millilitres 
so that I can record what I have learnt.
- Liquids :
- The words MILLI & LITRE put together make up the word MILLILITRE.
the short ways of writing millilitre and litre is written like this - ml & ltr
- If you collect 20 DROPS of WATER it makes up to 1 MILLILITRE
- A Teaspoon can hold up to 5 MILLILITRES - one full teaspoon can ONLY hold
- MILLILITRES are often written as ml ( for short ) so 100 ml is the same as
- A millilitre is by far NOT ENOUGH for someone who is really thirsty. So then we bring in LITRES.
- A LITRE is just bunches of MILLILITRES put together. In fact 1000 millilitres combined makes 1 WHOLE LITRE.
- This jug  hold exactly 1 LITRE.
- Usually milk, soda and other drinks are sold in ltr’s - LITRES.

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