Friday, August 1, 2014

Expressive Writing - A World Full of Negativity

A World full of Negativity
My Learn was to use : Specific and interesting vocabulary
To make sense of my writing and use the punctuation correctly and consistently.

- I have underlined all the specific and interesting vocabulary used in my writing.
In this world there is nothing but people being negative and nasty towards one another.

People are thinking that it's okay to be racist and mean and also having so much hatred towards each other. They think it's okay to call out individuals and call them black or even N*****. But really it ain't.

People are judging each other by their appearance and not for who they are inside.

In other words this may be labelled as bullying, and us as victims of bullying and human stereotypes are scared of standing up to the bullies because we're terrified of what they may say.

There isn't a day gone by where people aren't being teased or mocked because they aren't at national standards or even good at anything. They may not say it in those exact words but the message gets through pretty strong.

People who bully most probably find it amusing and entertaining, that's why they do it. They take it as a good laugh, even though it's doing nothing but embarrassing the hell out of someone.

I strongly believe that bullies are nothing but hopeless attention seekers.  They find bullying cool and swag as kids these days say.

I am speaking for us victims of bullying, who have no idea on how to deal with it.  Nowa days bullying has driven people to self harm and suicide.  Bullying has gone extreme, it's slowly persuading people to believe that they aren't good enough in anything what so ever.

I strongly wish the one day, bullying will just fade away and not come back.  In this world bullying is a serious matter and is not needed.

People these days think that the looks are all that matter, and that their looks tell their story. But really it doesn't.

Like for an example the people being labelled as black or Negroes don't have the looks, but have the brains as well as extraordinary talents.

And us as P.I students and people are being labelled as the low achievers,  the big question is that "Is it because we are brown? that we can't be high achievers?" That shouldn't be that case.  Because we should never let the colour of our skin define who we are or who we want to become.

But the thing is, bullies are controlling majority of us. That's why we're scared to do most of the things we want to do. We're even scared to answer one little question during class because we don't wanna be laughed at for getting it wrong, I guess it's just how they grew up. But that still doesn't give them the right to treat us differently.

So to sum up..... bullying is just another way of getting people's attention, and bring them down and  is not needed in this world and I am basically writing this to let people know how us as victims feel about all this.  It needs to be stopped, once bullying has slightly faded away this world will be full of loving and caring people.  And that's just what this world needs.

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