Monday, June 23, 2014

St Francis Retreat

( This picture above, is me and my group, during the treasure hunt )
The St Francis Retreat was about building our Leadership skills and learning about what a leader is.  

To me I thought the retreat was a great opportunity for all of us that attended,  because we are the seniors of the school. We can use what we learnt and take it back to school and share it with everyone. I can say at first I was acting like the retreat was a socialising event, but then I got into the idea of wanting to build my leadership skills.  I got in there I listened to what Brother Philip and his assistant helper Josephine had to tell us, and I thought about it.  

The activities set out for us showed us how it was showing leadership, because in between those activities you could always find the three main words of our retreat. Aroha, Tika & Pono.  
In all the activities we showed AROHA in different ways and the same with TIKA & PONO.

I loved the retreat it was an amazing opportunity for me and the rest of my year eight peers. I can seriously say that the next set of year eights would enjoy their stay at the St Francis Retreat Centre, and also enjoy learning about leadership.

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