Friday, June 13, 2014

Milk Experiment.

The Science of milk
Aim: Can we get water out of milk?
First of all the milk was poured into the electric frying pan.

We then put the lid on top and watched as it did it’s thing. It was then getting bubbly and started to sizzle. We then took the lid off and the steam came rushing out. The steam was basically the water/milk particles from the milk evaporating.  Our point was practically proven that you can get water out of milk.  The water that came out of them milk came out in the form of steam.
Prediction: what do you think will happen and why?
I predict that it’ll go bubbly and it’ll sizzle a bit.
That steam will come up.
Equipments :
- Frying Pan
- Spatula
- Milk
Method: what do you think made the changes happen?

- I think that it was basically the heat that made all the transformation happen.  Cause if it wasn't for the heat then I wouldn't have proven that you can get water out of milk.  

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