Friday, September 7, 2012

Music Evening

On the the 30th of August on a thursday night. Saint pius x school had their Musical evening for 2012. But for me that would be my first music evening.We have our musical evening every 3 years. implus the students all got a chance to show off our talents. All the classes at St Pius X gathered, and put together an item to perform at our musical night. My class Rm6 put together a class BAND!! Helped by our teacher Mrs Moodley, but most of the help was from our wonderful music teacher Mrs Carter. So now I can say that our class as Rm6 is full of talented musical musicians. One day I know that most of my classmates are going to be a dancer or mostly a singer. That night Rm6 looked superb well not even superb more like PROFESSIONALS. We were all dressed in formal black and white clothing. First up it was Rm2 who started off with a song of prayer named “God is love.” Then it was a joined item of Rm 1 and 2 who danced to “Come dance with me.” the night went so fast that it finally came up to Rm6 and their class BAND. Show us what you got Rm6 says our host of the night, then 123 says Mrs Carter who was just starting us off, then off we went. As a class band we had played a medley joined together with Oh when the saints, Oh to joy and twinkle twinkle little star. We had done a great job and our teacher was so proud of us because we had done such a great job. Then it got up to the third to last then it finally came up to the last song of the night sang by the whole school by singing the “Sister Act Medley.” It was time for our parents to come and collect their children. Otherwise from that I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep in the hall while it was half way through the show. Our teacher was so proud of us and we were all so proud of ourselves as well. I was so tired that I went home ate dinner and then went to bed, because school wasn’t over for the week just yet. It was an amazing and a loud night so by the time I got home I was so full of joy, it was just so so cool.

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