Friday, September 7, 2012

Cross Country

Friday at St Pius X School very exciting. We celebrated the feast of St Pius. We also had our school cross country. Then my class went back to their classroom after we had a whole school mass for the big celebration of the feast of St Pius. Because on that same day it also Rm 6’s assembly. We practiced and practiced until it improved, and got much much better. We all knew that our teacher would be proud of us after the whole thing.

 It was time, “time for what?” you might be asking. Its time for my class’s assembly, we were all starting off by playing the virtues song while the rest of the school was entering the school hall. They all entered with a big loud noise, but then they finally settled down. Then we started our assembly. Ezra started with the sign of the cross and we all sang the school prayer. We got to the middle of our assembly and we invited some very important people up to the front of the hall. They were a big help to our Year 6 and 7 NetBall team. 

Finally we got to the end of our assembly and we were all proud of ourselves. It’s lunch time and our teacher aloud the class to have a shared lunch, there were chips biscuits and all fizzy drink. we wouldn’t even exit the room until all the food was gone by the time we finished eating our rubbish bin was FULL. 

Then the lunch bell rang and we were all nervous because it was time for cross country. The juniors had to run around the church and then around the school courts. But lucky for them the senior syndicate had to run around the block. First up it was the 5 year olds girls and boys, they all ran with fierceness in their faces. But sadly not all of them made it into the FIRST SECOND or THIRD category. Then it went to 6 7 8’s and it was slowly coming up to the ten year olds. I had butterflies flying around in my belly. It was nerve racking because I always wanted the first or second place. But sadly I came 4th. Well at least it was worth it. I actually needed that exercise anyways. 

Cross country had finished and it was time for class, we had 20 more minutes and we had our fruit then we all wanted to play a game. So we ate quickly and we were slowly making our way out the door. But then there appeared my auntie asking my teacher if she could take me home. “Talk about right timing” I said in my head. Oh well I was so exhausted anyways so it didn't matter. I had a fun day, and I could admit that was the best day I could ever have. I hope that day could come back once more, but unfortunately a day comes and goes FOREVER.

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