Friday, September 6, 2013

My Report on Spanish People

Report on Spanish People
- Opening Statement
Spanish people are very proud of their traditions which are Bullfighting and Flamenco. They enjoy socialising with one another especially at big festivals and celebrations like the Tomatina festival and the Saint Joseph in Valencia festival.  They are friendly as well. If you were to have a stroll along the streets, the Spanish people will greet you and say ‘hello’.
Spanish people also love their food,  one of the most popular dishes in Spain is the Tortilla Espanol. The Tortilla Espanol is called a Omelette in English.  They also have great love for their Flamenco song and dance and have been doing it for hundreds of years.  Spanish people have been doing Flamenco for hundreds of years because it is a special tradition.
In Spain there are also a few different religions like : Roman Catholics, Muslims and Jews but out of the whole of Spain most of them are all Roman Catholics.  Spanish people also enjoy shopping at markets, they say that each market in Spain has fresh new food ready for the locals. In Spain there are many paintings that were painted over 14,000 years ago by famous Spanish artists, and Spanish people have treasured it in the caves of Altamira in Northern Spain.

Spanish children are also very playful especially when it comes to playing football.       

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