Friday, August 10, 2012

Valerie Adams


Valerie adams is the New Zealand champion at
Shot Put. She was born into this world in Rotorua on October 6, 1984. She is 193 cm  6 foot 4 inches and her weight is 120kg.  She started competing in the school competition. Also in 1999 Valerie Adams competed in the world youth championship and came out tenth place. Two years later in 2001 she won her first gold medal at the World Youth Championships in Hungary. Then in 2004 Valerie Adams attended her first Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

Valerie Adams is also well known as Valerie Vili. Because she had married the  New Caledonian in discus athlete Bertrand in the late 2004. With Kirsten Hellier as Valerie Adams Trainer for the Shot Put, and is also a former Javelin thrower and also competes for New Zealand.

Valerie Adams is the International world champion at Shot Put also Representing the Country of New Zealand. Valerie Adams is also at the age of 28 years of Age.


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