Thursday, July 19, 2012

                             Victory was Finally ours!!!!        
           News report for the event of “Tug Of War1916 News report 
written by Zheiyna
Yesterdays Olympics was a worthy event to watch. The final game of "TUG OF WAR" was between SPX School and St Peters. The eight opponents selected to compete from each school were fierce and bold.  Team members from St Peters showed smirky smiles on their faces, confident that they would win. The MIGHTY opponents from SPX were so determined and keen on winning the Gold medal that you could see the sweat coming through their t-shirts.  

“ROUND 1” the referee Moodley yelled out, “Pull pull!” screamed Lopeti to his fellow teammates. With Sefesi, David, Viliami, Deja, Lose, Julia and the toughest out of all Mr Ascott Mafi who was the anchor of the team they pulled the other team over.. Finally after years of failure SPX finally won at the biggest event ever, of “Tug Of War”. With a strong pull from the SPX team it was one to SPX and nothing to St Peters. They had a great game and all made a fantastic effort.


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