Monday, September 26, 2011

You are Special...

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Punchinello. He was a little boy that was carved out of wood. He wasn’t the only little wemmick there were millions more, they were all carved out of wood and they were also carved by the same wemmick maker. Then he realised that they weren’t just the same because some were tall, some were not, some were smart, some were not, some wore hats and some didn't. Punchinello always got plain grey stickers stuck on him and one day people just put them on him just because he always did dumb stuff.

One day there was a girl named Lucia who didn't have any stars or plain grey stickers stuck on her. It was because when people ran up to her and put stars or plain grey dots on her it will just fall right off. It was so amazing that it wouldn't stick, Punchinello saw the stickers fall off and then he said to Lucia “How come they're not sticking?” Then she said “I go and see Eli everyday, I sit in his work shop and I watch him” Punchinello replied “What do you do for it to stop sticking though?” Lucia said “Go find out yourself and see Eli”. Punchinello said “Would he want to see me?”. Then he went home and arose the the next morning to have a talk with Eli.

When Punchinello arrived at Eli’s factory on the hill, Punchinello opened the door and walked in. Punchinello heard a strange sound say “Hello Punchinello” but it was Eli, Punchinello said “How do you know my name?” Eli said “I’m your maker that's how I know your name” then Eli stretched his hand out to pick Punchinello up and put him on his table, and Punchinello asked his question “How do you make stickers stop sticking on your body?” Eli replied “You have to believe in yourself and don’t think about what other people think of you”. Punchinello said “Why do you care about me?” Eli said “I care about you because I made you” then Punchinello walked out the door and went back home. The next day Punchinello awoke from his sleep and remembered what Eli said to him then he went outside and people ran up to him and tried to put stickers on him, but it will just keep falling off. Punchinello had a lovely life starting from that very first day they fell off. Punchinello lived happily ever after.

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