Wednesday, August 10, 2011


On one Sunny morning, Room:6 and Room:8 combined together went for their very first day of swimming in our very new Swimming pool on Wednesday morning. But just for you to know, our pool water is so warm you can even swim in the pool in Winter, Spring and Autumn, when we hoped into the pool all we felt was nice refreshing water tickling the bottom of our feet and nice and warm water splashing into our face’s. Also when we all felt nice and calm, we got on with our swimming lessons and also we got on to playing fun and exiting games like: Sam-on says and also Captains coming. Finally when our time was finished in side the pool, we had to walk to the steps and got our towels then we had to go to the toilets and get changed back into our school uniform to go back to class. While we were getting change we were hard out laughing saying how cool it was when we first put our feet in side the pool and also talking about how fun it was when we were all learning how to swim even though some people who already knew how to swim. Also we were saying to each other how proud we are to know how to swim and that we were happy that Miss Oldfield said that she was so proud of us, and we were so happy when we heard her say that to us, I just felt like having a little cry, also I liked it how Miss Oldfield put us in groups called group A and group B, group A was the group with the people that was not confident to swim and group B was the group that was people that is confident to swim,

The End!!!

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  1. I remember that day, after that swim I thought my pant were in nitrogen.


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