Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Making

Kite Making!!!

Kite making on Monday morning, was so fun it was like we had to make a big kite for each class, but instead we had to make our own one, (but just to let you know, if we had to make one big one for each class, I’ll pull all my hair out and say “Excuse Me” so loud so that the whole world can hear me.)

Mean while, we were almost finished colouring it and also putting the kite altogether. When I was making my own kite I was thinking about my culture and also my family. I went ahead and started putting my brothers and sisters names on it. After that I put all over my kite Samoa 4 life & also New Zealand Rugby League, the short way of saying it is NRL.

After that, Allie (the person who taught us how to make Kites) started telling us why we were making the kites, she said we made it because of the Matariki Festival, and we were also learning about other cultures kites.We were also learning how long and how big they are, also how much it weighs and now heavy they are.

So that is the whole reason why we were making Kites and also learning about other cultures Kites, it was all because of the Matariki festival.

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