Friday, May 25, 2012


Title: Cleanliness
Author: Zheiyna

13 Year old Girl named Lucy- Cheeky, Untidy, Lazy and she can be Good when she wants to.

Mum- Angry
 WHERE: Mt Wellington- At home.

WHEN: School holidays.


There lived a 13 year old girl named lucy who was a very Cheeky,Untidy and a lazy girl who wanted to be good when she felt like. Mum was a very Angry Mother when it came up to lucy being very untidy


Lucy felt guilty and didn't want her mum to become more angry so she did what she was asked to do and cleaned her bedroom even though she felt lazy and tired. She learnt to be clean right when she slipped over her pair of socks and went face to face on the floor.


The message of the story was to always keep your bedrooms clean and to keep everything nice and clean.(*CLEANLINESS*)

My Story.

On one hot summery day, lazy Lucy was such a untidy teenager that if you ever walked into her room it will smell like a Cat had died in there and it would look like a jungle. Lucy’s mum becomes a Angry Mother when it comes up to Lucy not keeping her bedroom clean.

Each day mum would ask her to clean her bedroom but all that came out of Lucy’s mouth was “Yeah I’ll do it later.” One hour later Lucy’s mother got so furious and asked Lucy nice and calmly once again to please clean her bedroom. Half of Lucy’s clothes were hanging out of her bedroom door. There was no answer but then “NO NO NO, I’ll do it later I said” Mom screams out “When I come back from a nice refreshing walk it better be done immediately, do you understand me?” “Yeah okay then what ever” Lucy replied. While mom was on her walk she was thinking of a way to make Lucy feel like a real teenage girl and be a clean and a good girl.

Then finally Lucy felt guilty and did what she was asked to do, she did not want her mum to be more angry than how she was before she left the house. So even though Lucy was tired and did not feel like doing it she did it. Lucy got on with it and did it for her mum’s sake. Lucy felt like stopping but she wanted to get it over and done with. She saw mom through the front window and then leaped back onto her couch. Mum walked through the front door looking nice and calm, so she asked Lucy once more “Have you cleaned your room Lucy?” “All done” Lucy replied in sleepiness. Mom walked up stairs to Lucy’s room, It was all nice and clean, It was spotless. Mom walked down stairs and said to Lucy “See Lucy isn’t it nice to stay in a clean room?” “ Yeah but it was quite tiring cleaning,” Lucy said. So then starting from that day Lucy kept her room nice and in fact it was spotless especially because when she walked back up she forgot about her socks on the floor and slipped over it and went face to face on the floor. “Ouch my head hurts” Lucy said. That was when she had learnt her lesson, to keep her bedroom clean.

So mum was so happy and was in a very good mood after that. So then Lucy was confident that she was going to keep her room clean so that nothing bad would happen again like slipping over her own socks.

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  1. I love the way you described Lucy you keep up your good work and work hard:)


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