Monday, April 4, 2011


On one sunny Friday, at St Pius X school, the whole entire school had athletics. It was so sunny and hot I almost fainted and it was so hot people almost melted like ice-cream on a cone.
I participated in Geckos with my brother and sister. It was so fun and tiring at the same time. It was almost like my brother was the most popular boy in our group because lots of people were cheering for him like they hadn’t even forgotten his name. He was so fast he participated in all his races and he didn’t give up. I only participated in the 200 meter race and also mostly all the races for the 9 year old girls. It was like I was the littlest girl in the races.

I was amazed that I always came second in my races, I was so happy that I
was trying my hardest while I was participating in running my fastest. It was so hard trying to win my races with my parent's cheering me on. But it did’t matter after all, cause they just sat back and just didn’t care if they came 1,2,3 or last. So when I saw them not over reacting I just sat back and relaxed and did not even care, I was just happy I came something in athletics. It was so amazing and also exciting too.

I felt happy that I was not reacting like a little baby. And just to let you know, Keas means (blue) and Tuis means (red) and Kiwis mean (yellow) and finally the team that came first in everything was the team called (Geckos!!!). We were obviously the winners so far. Geckos means (green), I was happy to be in the winning team.

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