Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy

Holy Thursday

Today was Holy Thursday, and our school St Pius X Catholic School did an Easter Liturgy celebrating the Passion, Resurrection and the Death of Jesus Christ. 
We did a drama about Jesus Christ

In the drama act, I acted as Veronica that had to wipe Jesus face. At first I was nervous but then, I had nothing to be nervous about. So now we thank the Lord for helping us get through our Liturgy.

Friday, March 22, 2013

R.E Work

All about LENT:

Lent is a time when Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Lent is also a season in the church.

My LENT Promise - was giving up being lazy and help around the house.

What do we need to do during Lent?

During Lent we need to do the three things -
Lent is also the preparation of Easter

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

On Friday at St Pius X school, we had our Athletics day and our soul friend mass. Soul Friend mass was all about keeping our promises to our soul friends and one of them was to always be there by your soul friends side when they need our help with something. It is mostly about St Patricks day.

After our Soul Friends mass we started our athletics straight after Morning tea. There were four house colours and they were, Keas, Kiwis, Tuis and The Mighty Geckos which I was in.    In Geckos House, the leaders were Genevieve and Sione Dale. It was so fun having them as our year 8 leaders, because they were good at organising our house, and made people listen when they weren't.

Each house had its own gazebo with  their house colour.  When we were all settled, the athletics began.  Ms Gleeson the teacher in Room 3 spoke through the loudspeaker and asked us to walk down to our event quickly.  When she yelled out the 11 year olds, I got up together with the rest of our team and headed to the obstacle course to Mrs Pole.

Then we went on to the bean bag event. Then it came up to the most coolest event out of all High Jump.  
When it was my turn my heart beated really fast.  I could feel it.   “ No way can I make it this high.”  But I did.   
Now I have to compete against Ascott and Ezra.   They were two great sport boys.  How on earth can I beat them?  I glanced at my friend Salome.   She gave me the thumb up.   I could hear encouraging words from my team.  I took a deep breath, stepped to the side and ran forward.  I lifted myself up over the bar.  Once again on a higher level I made it.  
My team cheered.  My friends jumped on me.  You are first Zheiyna, I heard my friends shouting.    Oh my gosh I was so proud of myself and so was my family.

It was Lunchtime and after lunch time was the 50, 75 and the 100 metre races for the senior syndicate and then the Juniors will finally move on to the field events. There was the one girl I seriously never wanted to race Szaskia, she is like the fastest 11 year old girl that I have raced. Then was the time I wanted to fake having a sore stomach because I didn’t want to race her, but then I thought back and said “Don’t let that hold me back I’ll just give it my best shot.”

So it came up to the races and as you know it I never came 3rd or 4th but 2nd. That was alright for me because at least I tried my best.

After thinking about the races it alright because, participating in athletics for this year, was so fun and exhausting but it was worth it. Especially after we found out the THE MIGHTY GECKOS won once again, 3 years in a row. I so cannot wait until next years annual athletics day for 2014.

Soul Friend Mass

On  the 17 of March 2013, was the Feast day of St Patrick, which we also celebrated St Pius X soul friend mass. My soul friends name is Saveu and she is in Room 5.
My soul friend is Saveu. I promised her that I will commit myself to listen to her everyday. During our mass we listened to Father Ioane's homily.  He was also talking about how special Saint Patrick's day was. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland.  He grew up in a rich family.

Later on at lunchtime both Room 7 & 5 had a shared lunch to show the speciality of our soul friends.


Having to experience Triathlon was really exciting doing it for the first time.

It was the first time I have ever done Triathlon, and doing it made me feel energetic and filled with exhaustion. I had never felt more tired than how I felt when we had finished our activities. I really enjoyed sliding on the water slide, it was so slippery especially how I was sliding on it.
I really enjoyed Sliding on the waterslide, riding the bikes and also running.

I had so much fun with triathlon training I wish to have another chance to do it again.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goals for Writing

To improve my writing -

1. I will learn to identify the subject and predicate in the sentence
EXAMPLE:- I went to the park.
The subject is I
The predicate is what I is doing - went to the park.

2, To learn to identify the verbs in my writing
went is the verb.

3. Also I need to add adverbs to my sentence.
I sing softly at mass.
What is I doing - Sing - that is the verb.
How does I sing - softly - that is the adverb.