Friday, June 29, 2012

My Supa Hero

This term we have been studying the work of a New Zealand artist, Robyn Kahukiwa. She taught us that everyone who inspires them and in side them, this is my Super Hero of the three people who inspire me in my life.

My Superhero is a combination of three people who inspire me in my life, and those three people is my: Auntie (Hope) my other Auntie (Lulu) and my Grandpa. These people are the people who I look up to when I need their help, they are always by my side in everything I do. They will always be there for me no matter what. My Grandpa represents the skirt that is made out of the Samoan flag, and the crosses with the word God on it. Because he is proud to be a Islander from Samoa and he is proud to have the Catholic religion. My Auntie Hope represents the body and the T-Shirt, my other Auntie Lulu represents the shoes and the rosary because she loves her shoes and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her shoes. The rosary represents my Auntie Lulu as-well because she wears her rosary everyday. I am so proud to have them in my life.

Friday, June 22, 2012

An informative and adventurous Trip into The Past

I was so excited on Friday the 18th of May because the whole of the senior syndicate went on our first school trip for this year. It was all of the Year 5’s to Year 8’s who went to Howick Historical Village. We went to Howick Historical Village according to what we are learning in our topic. And how did we get there, you might be wondering ... by bus. As all of us were on our way to our destination the children on the bus that I went on went CRAZY. I thought The wheels on the bus was for the juniors but it wasn’t, Leone happily sang “The wheels on the bus.” So then we sat and waited patiently until we got to our destination. We finally got there and we had a little bit to eat for morning tea. It was time to attend our first activity from the 1800’s. While we were there we were taken back to the 1800’s. Girls wore long dresses and skirts that were also down to their ankles and boys wore long pants and long sleeve shirts. People in the 1800’s dressed very fancy compared to people in nowadays. We went from activity to activity one after another until it was lunch time. Our first activity was playing par lour games from the past. Mrs Dods the lady in charge of the activity told us that the children in the 1800’s were grateful for what they got for their Christmas present.They got their Christmas present and it was a piece of rope they would be very creative and create a game. So then we played the game with the rope and then Mrs Dods taught us another game called “Squeak Piggy squeak.” with a pillow and a piece of blind fold. The games were all so fun and exciting I felt like staying there for the whole day, but then it was time to move on to our next activity.The games were amazing and creative. I know that I wouldn’t have the mind to think of games like the children in the 1800’s did. It was time for our next activity “The Schoolhouse.” Our teacher’s name was Mrs Mills and she was honestly strict. We weren’t even allowed to speak a single word until the teacher had asked us to. So then we got on with our work in dead silence, doing our handwriting saying Whatever you do, do it well. In the 1800’s the children never had books, only a Slate and another piece of slate or a piece paper and a ink pen called a nib. Afterwards we did a easy as spelling quiz. Dawn and Ezra were on fire, the spelling quiz went girl, boy, girl, boy until our time was up. Than our session was up. With learning about the schools in the 1800’s. Our time was up and we were up to our third activity Trolley making. Finally something so new to us - Trolley making. The teacher Mrs White split us into four groups. And as a group we had to put together a trolley, our groups had four in each and we all had fun. We were all screaming at each other saying “I want to do that, give me that.” Than we all made our trolleys and it was all put together. As we were doing that activity we all learnt how to work as a group, we had help from Viliami’s mum then she went and helped another group. We had to take parts off because we put them in the wrong places, but we didn't care cause it was so new to us. Our trolleys looked amazing and dazzling. Then it was Lunchtime and then after that will be our last but not least Scavenger Hunt. Wow that sounded incredible. I couldn’t wait until our last activity “Yay” this sounds fun I said to myself. We were all excited we were split into two groups one group goes with Mrs Moodley and the other goes with Mrs Logan. We all had to find the items that didn't belong in the houses from the 1800’s. We all had fun and we all tried our best but unfortunately we had finally finished and it was time to go home. So then we got our bags and lined up for our teachers. I hoped I could have lived in the 1800’s because the children activities were honestly fun. I never knew you could make games out of such little things, “I’m so grateful for how I’m living now because not everyone can get a life like people in nowadays.” I thought to myself. We finally got on the bus and happily traveled back to school grounds. Then Mrs Moodley suggested Sleeping Lions until we get back to school then we’ll get a chocolate fish. So then we got to school and the whole of room 6 got our chocolate fish. We tidied up our classroom and we all had a lovely and a exciting day out at Howick Historical Village. We had learnt so many things that we never knew, and it was so awesome.


So now the race begins for the Room 6 students who has their session of orienteering, we had a very interesting session of orienteering around the school of Saint Pius X. It was very difficult for some of the students to read our school map including me. For the first session we were confused but then we got the hang of it on our second and our last session of orienteering. As we were struggling to find the control markers, people were on their last course, sadly it wasn't the whole school. But sadly it wasn't the whole school who got a turn to experience how orienteering works, and how it goes. The only classes that had the chance to have their first time in their life time to do orienteering was only the senior part of the school, which was Room 3 the year 5 and six's. Room 7 the year seven and eights, and the last group to do orienteering was Room 6 the year six and sevens. Our orienteering field day was at Waiatarua Reserve. Doing orienteering was so awesome, we all got to run around get to compete against one another. We all did our best and we all did well in our first session. But I'm pretty sure that it's not about winning, but it's okay to just have fun and try your best. In Room 6's first session were all excited and couldn't wait to get outside. So then afterwards we finally got a chance to do a little session of orienteering, we started around our classroom than we made a circle with controls. Our task was to go around the circle and we couldn't go backwards, so just to make sure of it for and example. If we went around the circle and you had just missed it, you'll have to go right back around the circle and then punch the holes from the control onto your piece of paper. It was real good fun but except from the whole class I was probably the only one who missed a control and had to go right back around, I was so bombed out I screamed at myself as my other classmates were passing by looking at me like I had some crazy thing wrong with me. But than I got to it and than people were screaming out "I'd finished, I'd finished" and than they gave their piece of paper to our leader Irene. Later on I was the last one to finish and our session was over, all the other students were all puffing like they were all out of breath including me as well. We had to go for lunch and we were all racing to the classroom as some students would have been walking. I was telling my teacher Mrs Moodley how fun our session was and how I felt, we were all so blesses to have a chance to have sessions of orienteering. So then the day game to an end and we were all so tired, I had fun and probably so as the rest of us. It was so awesome that I wanted to go home and scream at my dad and tell him all of it, but I didn't want to make my dad death or anything so than I went home that day and told him nice and calmly. Then I had went to school hoping that we'll have another session but sadly it was only every Wednesday, well I felt kind of upset that we never had sessions everyday but than otherwise I feel so blessed already having to do orienteering. From my point of view orienteering is the best activity to know and play, when I did my first session I wanted to play it everyday but we couldn't. But it was alright because I was going to do it every Wednesday until our their time was up teaching at St Pius X school. We all had great fun.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My 1800's Presentation

We are learning about how education has changed from the past to education  nowadays. We had to choose key questions about what we wanted to know  about education in the 1800 and research the answers.We enjoyed out visit to Howick Historical Village and researching these questions on the internet and in the library.. This is what we learned.

Team Work

We have been learning about how the past changes the future. We learnt that by Reducing, Reuseing and Recycling we can change the furture and it will make the future a better place.